Best Mobile Blackjack SA

Being the most popular table game amongst casinos around the world, it’s no surprise that blackjack (AKA 21) is one of the most popular games played through every reputable online mobile casino.

It’s so extremely popular for many reasons. Among them the ease of the rules and how simple it is to follow, as well as how the odds can be very juicy and favourable. Known to be one of the games where the house odds are lowest, Blackjack is also a favourite of high rollers, wagering aficionados and professional casino players.

The objective, as you probably know, is to get as close to 21 – or favourably 21 itself – without going over, and yet remaining with a higher value than the dealer. Players add up the value of their hand based on card values, with the Ace being both a 1 or 11, picture cards are valued at 10, and all other cards are equivalent to their face values. Suits have no effect in this game.

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If the game is going to be a wagering one, all stakes are placed before the hand is dealt. The cards are dealt in rotation from the dealer, left-to-right. The dealers’ hand has one card face down and one card face up. If the players’ card total is closer to 21 than the dealers is, then the player wins. The player also wins if the dealers’ card total ends up higher than 21. This is called being ‘bust’ and applies to players as well as the dealer, so should any players’ total exceed 21, that player loses. Players are given the option to play either one or two hands against the dealer. The optimum result in a game of blackjack is the achievement of a score of 21 in just 2 cards. Of course this means that the cads need to be a 10 or a face card, and an ace.

Mobile Blackjack Strategy

Casino games usually entice players with juicy payouts, but little chance for them to affect the outcome other than simple dumb luck. That’s what sets blackjack undeniably apart. Players can  use strategies to influence the outcome of the game.

Knowing when to Hit, Stand, Split or perform any of the other actions required by the game is therefore important, and it is recommended that players make use of the free, or flash, Blackjack games to hone their skills, get used to the casino environment and refine their strategies before they embark on the proper excitement of playing a hand for real money.

Mobile Blackjack for SA Players

The love for online casino gaming around the world is no secret. South Africa is definitely not an exception.

No matter where you are in the Rainbow Nation, you can partake and join in on the thriving community of online casino players. This brilliant and much loved strategic card game will not only offer hours of unbridled entertainment, but also contain the prospect of a major, winning income.