EntroPay Mobile Casinos SA

One of the great new payment options that are now available to all South African players is changing the way online transactions are conducted. If you have never heard the name of EntroPay before, then do yourself a favour and check out the offerings of this incredible e-commerce company. If you are looking for a safe and secure way of getting yourself some playing credits at the top SA mobile casinos, then this might just be the answer you are looking for.

The way EntroPay works is quite similar to other online payment options; however there are some very important differences. In summary, SA players are able to get a prepaid virtual Visa card. Because it has the Visa logo on the card, you can use this card to do online transactions wherever you see the Visa logo displayed. At any of the top South African mobile casinos, you will see that they do accept Visa, which means that you can make use of this virtual card. This card is a prepaid type card, which means that you can upload funds onto the virtual card. You can use your normal credit or debit card to do this. Because the card is prepaid, you can only actually spend what you have uploaded, which means there is no risk of over spending. Also, because the virtual card is prepaid, there won’t be any credit checks that you have to go through. This means quick and easy access to the virtual prepaid card.

The best part about this card is that it is virtual. This means that the card is delivered to your computer screen. You don’t have to wait for a physical card to be delivered, or walk around with the card in your purse or wallet. On your screen you will be able to view the 16 digit code, as well as all the other required information that you normally find on a credit card.

EntroPay Transactions are Safe and Secure

A great feature about this EntroPay virtual card is that it means your online transactions will be safe and secure. When making a deposit at the top mobile casinos in South Africa, you really don’t want to be nervous about your transaction or personal details getting into the wrong hands. With EntroPay, your personal information is all protected by Encryption, meaning that you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is perfectly safe and secure.

Use EntroPay at Top South African Mobile Casinos

If you are a South African player, looking for the best way of doing online transactions and getting playing credits, then you should certainly consider using the services of EntroPay. The top mobile casinos that are listed on our site are the very best in South Africa. They offer the best in terms of entertainment, in terms of the variety of games that are available, and in terms of winning opportunities. Come and enjoy all of the most popular casino games, all directly from the screen of your mobile device. Making an online payment has never been easier, and before you know it, you will be back playing your favourite mobile casino games.