Mobile Sic Bo Casinos

Many South African players like sticking to their favourite casino games. The most popular games include the much loved favourites like roulette, blackjack, slots, or even baccarat. All of these can now be played on your mobile device, directly from the top South African mobile casinos. However, if you have been playing these games for years and years, it might be time to try something different.

If this is the case, then the game of Sic Bo might just be what you are looking for. Also known as tai sai, dai siu, or even big and small, this game is a great alternative. With Asian origins, this game is becoming more and more popular in South Africa, particularly at the top mobile casinos. The rules of the game are surprisingly simple, so don’t be put off by having to learn new rules for a new game. In fact, in just a couple of minutes you can learn exactly how to play the game, and in no time at all you might even start considering yourself a bit of an expert.

The game play of Sic Bo is quick to learn. Basically, players place bets on certain areas of the game table. The dealer will then shake a little chest, and reveal the dice inside the chest. Depending on what is showing on those dice, you might find yourself as a lucky winner. That is as complicated as the game gets. The fun and excitement of this game of chance is deciding how much you are willing to bet, and on what areas of the table you place your bets.

Bets with Sic Bo

In Sic bo there are quite a few betting options available. Here are a few examples, just so that you can start seeing what sorts of bets are available. In a Big bet, SA players wager on the total score being 11 to 17, with the exception of a triple. A Small bet is when the total score is 4 to 10, again with the exception of a triple. Odd and Even bets are quite simple, with the total score being either an odd number, or an even number. The Specific Doubles bet is a great bet, in which players wager on a certain number showing up on two of the dice. Obviously, each of these bets, as well as all the others, has a different probability of actually occurring, and so has different odds associated with the bet. As such, it is up to South African players to decide how much they want to bet, and on whether they want to go for a riskier type bet, or a more conservative bet. Sic Bo is well suited to all types of players.

Try Sic Bo at SA Mobile Casinos

If you are looking for a change, why not try Sic Bo from your mobile device. If you are looking for the best level in entertainment, our site will point you in the right direction. We have a list of the top South African mobile casinos, all of which offer the most popular casino games, as well as some great new games which are suited to all types of SA players.